An Introduction To Flower Remedies

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Bach flower remedies influence the spirit to achieve grater balance and harmony in the lives of our equines and of all who use them.


What are flower remedies

Bach flower remedies are essences that are produced from selected wild flowers, trees, bushes by natural means.Their are 38 flower remedies they are used in treating anxiety, fear, lack of interest, despair. It is generally acknowledged that extreme psychological pressure leaves the way open for illness. An illness can arise when the animal or human is unstable as a result of negative influences.

**Just like herbs they are not intended to be used instead of veterinary treatment but can be combined with conventional treatment**

Rescue remedy

Should be in all first aid kits at home and in the barn. It Can be given at a rate of 6-8 drops for foals & ponies and 8-10 drops for large horses in acute situations up to 4 times an hour until improvement gradually reducing the remedy is better than abruptly stopping. 

Using flower remedies:

Foals and ponies 2-3 times daily 2-5 drops.

Large horses 2-3 times daily 5-8 drops.


Depending on the situation several flower remedies can be mixed together. Add one drop of the selected flower remedy to 10ml of water or 3 drops of flower remedy to 30ml of water.

  • Panic & fear use Rock Rose
  • Fear of things like trailer or dogs use Mimulus
  • Fear of unknown/ jumpy use Aspen
  • Fear/Volatile use Cherry plum
  • Anexity use Red chestnut
  • Shock & trauma use Star of bethelehem or Rescue remedy


Bach flower remedies are free from side effects and will have no impact on any other forms of treatment.

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