Case Study

Case Study

Cuts on Cody's Leg:

When Cody arrived with us he had these deep cuts on his leg. After 2/3 days infection began to show. Straight away we decided to poultice the cuts & draw the infection out, as the heat & flies were not helping his healing.

cody2 cody3 cody4
We started him on immune boosting herbs & 3/4 cloves of raw Garlic daily, to help fight the infection.

This is a Herbal Poultice that I made to draw the infection out of the wound.

We changed the poultice daily & we were quite shocked of what came out of the wound each day

Poultice held on with bandage.

Then we placed a tendon boot over the bandage to keep the bandage in place

After Poulticing the wound for at least one week we left it off & the wound dried up & healed.

The Result is cleary seen here in this photo. Totally healed up & hair growing back

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