Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

Below is list of some of the better know ailments and the herbal remedies we can provide. 

burdockAllergic Reactions
Reactions can vary from skin irritations to swelling all over the body to respiratory problems. We use herbs to aid blood cleansing aslo herbs for immune support and we make sure the lymphatic, & nervous system are balanced.
A low red blood count can be for various reasons.
We use a herbal blood building formula straight from nature the roots of some of the herbs we use contain 40 percent organic iron which is easily absorbed by the body.
Controlling the worm burden in horses is an important aspect of caring for them. Nature has supplied us with herbs that are bitter and astringent which can help tone up the gut walls and kill & expel worms, these herbs are called anthelmintic’s. Anthelmintic herbs are particularly helpful and beneficial to elimate worms and parasites from the body. They work best given over a long period of time.
Arthritis & Rheumatism
Physical change showing up in the joints, symptoms can include pain, swelling, stiffness, or even unidentified lameness. Providing the body with herbs to cleanse, nourish and support giving the body the ability to help heal itself while providing natural pain relief, improving circulation and providing relief from inflammation.
Blood Cleansing Formula
The blood stream is life it’s self and our job is to keep it clean and pure so the horse has good circulation to carry off the waste materials, there by killing off infection and building elasticity in the veins and artery walls.
Brood Mare
A blend of herbs to improve or restore fertility, to normalize the cycle also working to tone up the uterus for foaling a valuable formula for all brood mares.
Chest and Immunity Tonic
Herbs to sooth coughs and help clear respiratory infections with the added effect of boosting the immune system a great herbal formula for the winter months.
Colic Protection
Herbs for the digestive system to help sooth, support and make sure the digestive system is working to optimum performance.
Conditioning Blend
An herbal formula to aid your horse looking radiant, this formula use’s herbs to support all the systems in the horse’s body. With some key advice on feeding to make sure your horse is receiving optimum nutrition.

Cushing’s Disease
An herbal formula to assist the horse by supporting and nourishing, the pituitary gland while relaxing and calming the nervous system, this formula offers support and balance.

Endurance Formula
A combination of herbs to support physical soundness and boost, support & protect all the bodily systems, so they are working at peak performance and recovering with ease from hard work.
Equine Flu Recovery & Resistance
Herbal formula that helps kill infection, clears toxins from the lymph system and is a natural infection fighter. Any horse can be routinely placed on this formula for immune protection.
Herbal Hoof Oil
Herbal oil made with herbs that with help with circulation and healing in the hoof, an ideal oil to have on stand by for all kinds of knocks, bangs can be used as an massage oil for all leg problems.
Hormonal Mare Mix
A balancing and supporting formula that will help keep the organs healthy so they can supply the proper amounts of hormones.
Joint Support
Herbs for supporting and nourishing the joints in the horse’s body these herbs will aid in keeping the joints supply and healthy, can be used routinely as preventive measures.
Herbal formula to improve circulation, digestion, support the nervous system also herbs to address inflammation and pain, advice on diet and contributoring factors addressed, where needed an external application of stimulating herbal oil will be recommended.
Lung & Respiratory Tract Tonic
Relieves irritation in the respiratory tract lungs and bronchial extremely valuable in helping to strengthen and healing the entire respiratory tract.
Nerve Regeneration
After a trauma or serious accident these herbs can aid in rebuilding, improving, revitalizing the frayed nerve sheath and the nerve itself.

Nervous System Support
The herbs we use for nervous system support will vary greatly depending on the situation, we can address problems such as highly strung, agitation, jumpiness, anxiety, the herbs will help aid and rebalance & support the nervous system.
Sarcoid Treatment
CalendulaHerbs to work from the inside out, cleansing and nourishing the entire horses system. Lots of support for all the internal organs especially and including blood and immune system. We use an external application in conjunction with internal herbs when needed.
We use herbs to gently cleanse from the inside out and also supporting internal organs & boosting the immune system. We also use an herbal sweet itch rub when needed which helps to sooths and calms any area’s which have been rubbed by the horse. This herbal oil contains 100% natural insect repellent.


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