Frequently Asked Quesitons

These are some of the most frequently asked questions to our equine herbalist web site, please feel free to email any questions to Equine Herbalist Rachel Kelly.

Can you help with Sweet-itch and how long will it take to see results?
Yes i can help with Sweet-itch, Sweet-itch is every horse owners nightmare. i have known people who's horses have suffered for years with the problem and they keep buying products to rub on to it, which might address the symptoms but not the problem. I think the quality of the horses blood needs to be addressed first and foremost, starting the healing from the inside out.I use a blood cleansing formula and sometimes an external application depending on the case. The herbs are magic for sweet itch, once you stick with the formula and be consistant with giving it to the horse, you will see results in and around 6-12 weeks of starting the herbs.
Does Rachel need to come and see my horse or can she send me herbs in the post?
Rachel must come to see the horse, she can not treat a horse with out doing a full consultation with the animal and owner.
Is it expensive to treat my horse with herbs, how much is a consultation and how much are the herbs?
Most of the herbal formulas are 40-65 euros a litre depending on the herbs, a litre will last for up to one month depending on the daily dosage. A full consultation with Rachel in the Leinster area is between 40 & 70 euros depending where you are, anything out side the Leinster area will go up in price to cover cost of mileage.
Can I bring my horse to Rachel?
Yes you can bring your horse to Rachel and she has a standard charge of 40 euros, which will cover the consultation and advice that she will give.
How long will the herbs take to work on a nervous horse?
It really does depend on the horse, with in a matter of one month you will see some differences, some horses respond very quickly I've had owners tell me after 5 days they can't believe the difference in the horse, other horses need to stay on them for longer periods of time. It really does depend on the horse.
What happens when I run out of herbs; does Rachel need to provide me with another consultation?
When Rachel does a consultation which includes a full case history and iridology assesment, she has all the information she needs and all the horse's details are kept on record for future reference. Most of the time she does not need to see the horse again but will look for consent feedback from the owner via emails or phone calls, she will make up a herbal formula at the time of the first consultation that will last a few weeks and there after can forward the herbs by post. There are of course situations where Rachel needs to see the horse on a more regular basis. Feedback is very important to us and any customers of Rachels will know that she keeps in constant touch will all her horse owners.
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